About Us – Pelican Sands Scamander

Welcome to Our Eco-Friendly Haven

Nestled in the serene landscape of Scamander, Pelican Sands stands as a testament to sustainable luxury and heartfelt hospitality. For the past six years, our owner, Shelley, has passionately steered this beautiful haven, transforming it into an eco-friendly retreat that offers guests an experience like no other.

Meet Shelley – The Heart of Pelican Sands

Shelley isn’t just the owner; she’s the soul of Pelican Sands Scamander. Her journey in the hospitality industry began six years ago, driven by a vision to create an accommodation that’s not just a place to stay but a sanctuary that respects and harmonizes with nature. Shelley’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of Pelican Sands, from eco-friendly amenities to practices that minimize our environmental footprint.

Our Eco-Friendly Commitment

At Pelican Sands, we believe in responsible tourism. Shelley’s vision has brought to life an accommodation that prioritizes eco-friendly practices without compromising on comfort or luxury. We’ve embraced initiatives like solar power, water conservation, and the use of sustainable materials, all aimed at reducing our impact on the environment. Our commitment extends to offering organic dining options, using locally sourced produce, and providing our guests with a unique, sustainable travel experience.

A Place of Joy and Relaxation

Shelley’s philosophy is simple: create a space where guests can relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature. Pelican Sands Scamander is more than just a getaway; it’s a place where you can slow down, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Scamander. Whether you’re lounging in our eco-spa, exploring the local scenery, or simply enjoying the tranquility of your room, you’ll feel the care and attention to detail that Shelley and her team put into every aspect of your stay.

Join Us in Our Eco-Journey

We invite you to experience the warmth and unique charm of Pelican Sands Scamander. Come and discover how luxury and sustainability can coexist in harmony under Shelley’s thoughtful guidance. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an eco-adventure, Pelican Sands is the perfect destination for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it.

Pelican Sands Scamander – Where Sustainability Meets Serenity

Join us and become a part of our eco-friendly journey. Your stay at Pelican Sands isn’t just a holiday; it’s a step towards a more sustainable, responsible way of enjoying our beautiful planet.